Free & Premium Twitter Analytics Packages For The 2023 Marketing Pro.

Free & Premium Twitter Analytics Packages For The 2023 Marketing Pro.

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Where to begin with the best Twitter analytics tools?

The tools discussed in this article are not limited to Twitter, and a quick review of both free and commercial options is provided. We’ll fill you in on the specifics of each service so you can pick and choose which ones to try out in order to get the finest Twitter analytics solution for your needs.

But before we get into all that, let’s take a step back and figure out why you need another firm to develop your marketing strategy on this social media site to begin with. A firm should follow these guidelines to put up an effective marketing plan for any social media, including Twitter.

  • Set objectives for your social media profiles, such as expanding your audience or boosting sales and brand loyalty.
  • Think about the demographics of your intended audience, including their age, geography, and interests.
  • It’s time to start monitoring your rivals.
  • Determine the most influential people in any given field, whether through traditional measures of authority or social media platforms like Twitter, using analytic tools. Keywords that link to recent tweets relevant to your niche
  • When you’ve done your homework and analysed your data, you can go on to developing and launching your social media marketing.

Without proper analysis, formulating an effective plan is an insurmountable challenge. You’ll need a wide range of data, from the quantity of your Twitter followers to a sentiment analysis of your tweets, in order to make informed decisions and put your ideas to the test. So, the first step in developing a Twitter strategy should be to locate a Twitter analytics tool.

Using in-depth research, several social media monitoring and marketing tools may help you fine-tune and plan your Twitter approach. It’s not easy to narrow down your options to just one Twitter tool, but with our guidance, you’ll be able to quickly and simply comprehend the landscape of social media analytics tools and make an informed decision.

What is the best Twitter analytics tool?

If all you see in your Twitter statistics is a log of likes, comments, retweets, and followers, you’re losing out. In reality, with the correct advertising tools, Twitter analytics can be so much more.

We’ll start with the Twitter analytics tools that Twitter provides, which are rather robust, and then go on to the eight third-party programmes that I find to be the most helpful for Twitter analysis, though I’m sure you have your own favourites.

Which analytics tools for Twitter are best, and why

Although it would appear that Twitter analytics just track engagement metrics like likes, comments, retweets, and followers, this is not the case. But, limiting oneself to Twitter’s native social media statistics is an oversimplified strategy. In reality, with the correct advertising methods, Twitter analytics may be so much more.

The analytics tools available on Twitter are extensive. Seven of the many Twitter analytics tools exist, but I will focus on the ones I find most helpful.

Any of these Twitter analytics tools may become trustworthy allies and provide fresh perspectives on Twitter data. Despite their apparent similarities, they are each created to accomplish quite distinct marketing goals.


Find, compare, and organise Twitter accounts to learn more about the activity of your followers, rivals, and niche influencers.

You may learn more about your audience with the use of tools like Track Followers and Sort Followers. You may monitor your data over time with the help of helpful graphs and charts, learning details about your increasing number of followers on a daily basis, comparing trends, and instantly erasing irrelevant accounts. If you want to study how your rivals are doing or find out who has a lot of followers on Twitter, those are the two areas where these two capabilities shine.

It’s simple to research the demographics of your rivals’ fan bases to learn more about how to contact them. Clients can be found by searching for relevant terms in their profiles. Compare and contrast the overlapping subscriber bases of your business and its rivals, as well as identify any accounts that are solely subscribed to the rival but not to you. Next, take a look at the characteristics they like that your rivals’ offerings lack and what they like about your competitors’ offerings.

It doesn’t matter how little or obscure your part of a vast business is; using Followerwonk, you’ll have no trouble finding the people who have the greatest sway there. The best way to locate influential profiles is to search for relevant terms in their biographies, then use the Track Followers and Sort Followers features to examine the results. Utilize the Compare Users and Analyze tabs to dive further into metrics as you narrow down your list of required users.

If your company is serious about using Twitter to spread the word about your brand, you need to have Followerwonk on your toolbelt. It aids in enhancing follower engagement, developing targeted content promotion calendars, conducting in-depth analyses of Twitter data, optimising brand accounts to draw in more visitors, and generating fresh content ideas by revealing what people are talking about and sharing on Twitter.

Analytics on a whole new level

Big data is the norm now. It’s no longer sufficient for firms to rely just on manual data gathering and superficial examination of their strategy and performance if they want to prosper.

Using Twitter analytics tools, you may automate boring activities, spice up your workday, and devote more mental energy to developing effective strategies.