Maximizing Your Time On Social Media

Maximizing Your Time On Social Media

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All successful marketing campaigns have three main components: content, goods, and social media.

Use of social media is not essential for business expansion, but it may be helpful. In 2014, 92% of marketers said that social media was important to them.

These days, it doesn’t matter what your firm specialises in; thanks to social media, you can promote to virtually everyone.

1. Batching is the only way to go

The most successful marketers, search engine optimizers, business owners, and authors I know all collaborate on projects.

Organizations have relied on the “productivity hack” of batching for years to increase production in a number of different areas.

This idea is straightforward:

Do a task all at once over a longer time frame as opposed to completing it at frequent regular or random periods (e.g., a week or a month). Productivity increases proportionally with the length of the time period.

Here are the three most important benefits:

  • It shortens the time it takes to get started on a task, as it usually takes a few seconds or minutes to assess the situation, determine the necessary steps, and formulate an approach. By focusing on only one thing at a time, batching helps you save time otherwise spent switching gears.
  • Simplifies the situation – The constant job switching during the day might be draining. There’s less pressure when you break down your daily workload into manageable chunks, like the few core duties you have.
  • Gain time in productivity – As you switch between several things, you’ll need to shift your mental concentration several times. Your progress will be stymied each time you shift your attention. You’ll never find that elusive “zone.”
  • A final advantage of batching is that it reduces the likelihood of oversights. By planning ahead using batching, you may avoid missing any steps in the process. It might be a blog or social media post.

Option 1: Brainstorm a bunch of topics at once I propose coming up with as many social media post ideas as you can (same applies for blog post ideas as well) (same goes for blog post ideas as well).

Your aim is to establish a vast reservoir of social media post ideas that you may draw from as necessary.

Method #2 – Schedule posts on a regular basis: One of the main ways that marketers waste time on social media is login into each network and submitting an update one at a time.

You may save a tonne of time by choosing one period at the start of the week or month to plan all your postings. Of course, if anything unique comes up, you may make tiny tweaks during the week or month.

Method #3 – Just work on social media at specific times: Another mistake that marketers often fall into is continuously monitoring their social media accounts for changes. You may squander a tonne of time doing this and generate very little in the way of actual outcomes.

Social media is a lot like email. It’s tempting to check it regularly to see whether you got anything new. But you need to approach it in a controlled way.

2. Understand what you’re aiming to accomplish

Social media is a time killer for the general public, but when you’re using it for business, it shouldn’t be.

When you check onto Twitter, Facebook, or whichever network(s) you use, you shouldn’t be scrolling through a stream of posts merely to see what’s new. Your social media engagement should be for one goal.

What is the objective of your social media presence?

Are you aiming to get followers? While it depends on the specific network, the basic guideline for obtaining followers on social media is to follow people first (a fraction will follow back) and offer fascinating material so that they don’t unfollow you later.

Are you attempting to drive traffic and leads? Arguably the most popular reason to utilise social media for a business is to attract visitors to your website in hopes of turning that traffic into leads.

Posting material inside groups can create a considerable amount of traffic, but it can’t be planned. The plus is it can be done anytime you want, so simply include it in the one or two hours each day allocated to social media.

3. Limit your focus and save time

Marketers and entrepreneurs see opportunity everywhere.

If you see the potential in everything, that’s a terrific attribute to have.

The difficulty that most of these folks confront (perhaps you) is that they bite off more than they can chew.

They strive to handle every problem and take advantage of every opportunity but eventually realise they are worn out and making little meaningful progress.

4. Make a calendar or face the consequences

Social media is really simple to ignore.

If you miss a few postings here and there, there won’t be any immediate impact.

But like I stated before, consistency is the most critical key when it comes to social media success.

A social media calendar (or timetable) is a necessary if you want to use social media to promote your business.

5. Monitor mentions with tools

You don’t have to manually monitor every social media platform to see whether a reader or client has mentioned you; there are tools you can utilise instead.

As these are typically urgent matters, it is recommended that you keep an eye on them and respond to them within your allotted social media time.

Bonus: Sign up for email notifications whenever your brand is mentioned on Reddit. Although it isn’t widely recognised as a social media platform, Reddit is quickly becoming an important tool for marketers. Check out my Reddit marketing tutorial if you need help getting started.


Each company may benefit from having an active social media presence.

You can’t expect a positive return on investment (ROI) if you waste several hours each week roaming about in the social media wilderness.