Tips For A Successful Instagram Contest

Tips For A Successful Instagram Contest

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Hosting a giveaway on Instagram is a fantastic method to increase interaction with your audience, build buzz, and attract new Instagram followers. The prospect of winning is almost as appealing as the prospect of receiving something for nothing. Because of this, holding an Instagram giveaway is a smart strategy for attracting more followers and boosting audience morale.

Exactly what is an Instagram contest?

Instagram freebies are campaigns sponsored by brands to increase interaction with their followers and exposure on the site. They only last for a short period of time, and consumers usually have to follow the company’s instructions in order to be eligible to win. User-generated content creation, email list subscription, friend tagging, and content reposting are all examples.

Why Host a Free Prize Draw on Instagram

Instagram giveaways are a great method to spread awareness of your account and attract new followers. Instagram accounts who host giveaways saw a 70% increase in followers after three months, compared to those that don’t. As we’ll see in a moment, a common requirement of many contests is that the winner share or tag the giveaway post, so exposing your business to the audience member’s Instagram followers. This is a fantastic method for expanding your fan base, since individuals are more likely to support something that their friends enjoy. You probably won’t think twice about checking out the Instagram account of a buddy who tags you in a photo.

How to Hold a Successful Instagram Contest

Is an Instagram contest imminent? Make sure you’re familiar with Instagram’s guidelines for advertising before you get started with these 6 simple steps.

Determine what you want to achieve.

You should begin your Instagram contest by sitting down at a desk and sketching up some specific objectives. Your giveaway might be focused on expanding your fan base or driving more purchases. In order to maximise the success of your giveaway, set concrete targets for things like likes, tags, and shares.

Pick the Reward

Just what are the prizes for the lucky Instagram followers? The limit is in the sky. You may increase your following by offering a gift card giveaway, as @audenbuffalo did to attract more University at Buffalo students.

One strategy for increasing exposure to your brand is to offer a free sample of a new product. You may give out a bunch of rare stuff to show off how unique your business is. A vacation or unique experience, such as a visit to the company’s headquarters or a meeting with the CEO, would be a far more meaningful gesture.

Figure Out How Participants Will Be Entered Into Your Contest

The rules of your gift should be based on your aims. You may improve your likes and shares by requesting that people like and tag their friends in your posts. Alternatively, you might invite people to join up for your website or email list in exchange for a remark on your post.

Users may be required to follow your giveaway partner’s page if you are promoting the contest in conjunction with another business. In their giveaway with @stanleysteemerofficial, @thecozyfarmhouse accomplished just that.

Incorporate Hashtags

Make your Instagram giveaway more discoverable by making use of relevant hashtags. Choose a few brand-specific hashtags to complement more general ones like #giveaway. Think about using a hashtag that describes what you’re giving away (#airbnbgiveaway) or your business (#beautygiveaway). Take a look at this tweet from @bnbbreeze as an example.

Limit Your Giveaway’s Duration

If you’ve ever heard of a 24-hour sale, you know how it makes you want to go shopping RIGHT NOW. The same logic applies to a contest hosted on Instagram. By imposing a deadline, you’ll instill in your users a sense of urgency and anticipation.

Start the Giveaway and Keep It Going

Your Instagram contest needs a well-planned launch. Please share it via email, our blog, and any other appropriate social media outlets. Here is a Cooper’s Hawk email that serves as an example.

Think about when the best time to release your product is. When do you get the most comments and likes on your feed? When you feel ready to publish, do so. Launch it on Wednesday at 11 a.m. if you’re still unsure. At that time, Instagram users are most active.

Choosing a winner is the final stage in an Instagram giveaway. Make sure a winner is selected at random to avoid charges of favouritism or fraud. There are a number of helpful applications and programmes available for this purpose.