5 Amazing Tips For Creating Social Media Videos

5 Amazing Tips For Creating Social Media Videos

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Currently, 86% of internet advertisers use social media videos in their campaigns. One positive effect of this tendency is that customers learn more about the brand and its offerings. On the flip side, it aids companies in expanding their social media presence, expanding their fan base, and boosting their revenue.

There are several ways in which videos boost social interaction, including their ability to build rapport between brands and their target audiences, increase brand loyalty, boost lead generation, and spark topical discussions. Here are 11 pointers to help you make social media videos that are truly remarkable and worthy of being watched and shared.

Five Pointers for Creating Fantastic Online Videos

Formulate a Plan

Video content for social media platforms requires careful planning before production can begin. Creating a quick video for web distribution is a skill every company should have. Audience analysis, competition analysis, ideation, content scheduling, resource allocation, responsibility assignment, and similar activities should all be part of this process. All of these things will help you produce quality videos, which will in turn increase the success of your campaign.

Do you want more people to know about your brand, talk about your new product, or become followers? Have you set goals related to the number of people who join up, the number of people who visit your site, or the amount of money you make? Your social media video goals should be crystal clear. Most significantly, this must be consistent with the larger objectives of your company.

Make sure that your videos are concise and entertaining.

People’s attention spans on social media are short, therefore films longer than 15 or 20 minutes won’t attract many viewers. That’s why it’s crucial to keep your films short and digestible without sacrificing quality or usefulness. During this process, we will cull the script down to its essential elements. Videos should be captivating, informative, and action-inducing all within a few minutes.

Focus on making the first few seconds memorable.

Typical attention spans these days are only eight seconds, so you have to hook your audience quickly. The viewer’s attention span is short, so you need to grab their attention in the first few seconds or risk them moving on to another movie or page.

Start with something that will make people stop and think, like a question, a great hook, a quotation, some striking pictures, or some captivating music. If you want people to recognise you and get a sense of what you’re trying to say, it’s a good idea to include your logo, brand name, tagline, or the product or service you want to highlight. An effective introduction will pique the reader’s interest and make them want to continue reading.


Video content has the potential to reach viewers in every corner of the globe. People who don’t have a strong command of your language can stumble into your video. Your material will be more accessible to people who are not native English speakers or who have hearing impairments if subtitles are provided.

Similarly, practically all social media sites now begin playing videos without sound as they are viewed. If you want your message to be understood whether the sound is on or off, subtitles are a must.

Videos are typically seen in the background or on the go. Most of the time, they do this silently. Subtitles become crucial in such a situation. These will help you grab your audience’s attention even if the sound is turned off, so they don’t miss a thing.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Natural Light

  • The quality of your videos will depend heavily on their lighting. You can make it, especially if you make use of natural light.
  • Indoors, make sure to film next to a bright window or door. A change of scenery to the great outdoors is always an option.
  • Knowing when to shoot and when to take use of natural light is also crucial.
  • The Golden Hour is the time of day just preceding sunset, and it is characterised by vibrant hues of red, orange, and yellow. At this hour of the day, shadows are lighter and colours are more muted.
  • Twenty to thirty minutes after sunset or before daybreak is considered the blue hour. It gives your videos a soothing, sophisticated vibe. In outdoor settings with a deep blue sky and bluish ambient light, it really shines.
    As with sunny days, cloudy ones are great for shooting outside. While the overcast sky may give the impression of a sad and dreary scene, in reality it helps soften and evenly distribute the available light around the frame.

Concluding Remarks

Videos posted on social media platforms are a fantastic way to interact with your audience and keep them coming back for more. Social media video viewers can be entertained and educated by following some or all of the advice we’ve given. Now that we live in the age of TikTok and Instagram, video content is king. What will the topic of your next video be?