Here Are 5 Successful Instances Of Social Media Marketing During Black Friday.

Here Are 5 Successful Instances Of Social Media Marketing During Black Friday.

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We’re all used to seeing enormous lines outside of businesses and record-breaking foot traffic in malls on Black Friday since it’s the busiest shopping holiday in the world. However, given that the public is aware of how buying habits have shifted in the middle of a worldwide epidemic, marketers are putting more emphasis on, and offering more incentives for, online purchases.

Take use of hashtags

Hashtags are always interesting. They are still a powerful tool for spreading the word about your business and its offerings. Using trending hashtags, like #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday in this example, will expose your material to a larger audience. More than 17 million tweets were tagged with #BlackFriday, while over 2.8 million tweets were tagged with #CyberMonday. Plus, if your Black Friday marketing efforts revolve around a particular subject, make sure to secure the rights to that term and promote it using your own hashtag. You can see how Walmart promoted their weekend-long sales (which lasted the entire month of November) using the branded hashtag #DealsForDays, as shown in the image below.

Throw in a freebie or throw in the postage.

This season, spread joy by giving your customers something special. Let them know about your freebies for Black Friday shopping via social media. Try offering free delivery if you don’t have any freebies in stock. Customers would appreciate it if you publicize this promotion on various social media platforms. According to Walker Sands’ annual Future of Retail research, over half of respondents favored businesses that offered same-day delivery, and 90% of respondents cited free shipping as the top inducement for making a purchase.

Promote a sense of urgency

Launching a new product, service, or collection periodically during the year is a great opportunity to implement this marketing tactic. Getting privileged early access to specials and discounts is a great way to wow and delight your customer base. Your clients will be more likely to take advantage of your Black Friday bargains if they feel compelled to do so quickly. Bath & Body Works encourages its clients to put reminders in their calendars and set alarms with the following copy. Adding a countdown sticker to your Instagram Stories and inviting your followers to participate is another option.

Make a VIP email list for early buyers.

Email has the greatest conversion rate over the holidays (4.29%) according to statistics from Shopify. Black Friday is a great opportunity to get contact information from current and future consumers if you don’t already have an email list. Below is an actual Black Friday promotion from Steve Madden, in which the firm encourages its fans to join an exclusive email list. Value is increased by maintaining contact with and interest from those clients over time.


Thankfully, today 75% of customers want businesses to do good for society. Loyalty to a brand may be built by real acts of charity, such as providing food for hungry kids, planting trees, or providing care for rescued animals. If you want your customers to truly grasp what troubles you about the world, it’s a good idea to select a cause that aligns with your brand’s objective.

Tell your audience what and where you plan to donate by using social media and email marketing. There must be complete openness amongst all parties involved. If you run a customer rewards program, make sure you provide your consumers a digital copy of any certificates or transaction receipts you collect.