How To Choose The Perfect Instagram Influencers?

How To Choose The Perfect Instagram Influencers?

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Looking to increase your Instagram sales? Could collaborating with micro-influencers increase your exposure to target audiences?

Discover why niche Instagram influencers are the perfect brand advocates and how to find them in this post.
Reasons to Form an Alliance with Instagram’s Lesser-Known Influencers
If your company is just getting started with Instagram influencer marketing, you might think that all brand ambassadors are created equal, or that more is better. Micro-influencers are unique in the marketing world, and you should definitely be looking for them.

Micro-influencers often have considerably smaller audiences, between 10,000 and 100,000, in comparison to the millions of followers that celebrities with social media influence have. However, in this scenario, a lower audience size does not inevitably produce inferior outcomes.

The fans of micro-influencers are particularly devoted to their work. Instagram users who follow micro-influencers are more likely to actively engage with the content they post than those who simply consume it as it appears in their feed.

Stronger Participation

As audience numbers grow, influencer engagement rates tend to fall. However, this does not imply that you should prioritise influencers that have the highest interaction rates but the lowest audiences.

Micro-influencers provide an optimal compromise between high engagement and manageable reach. That means you can stop worrying about whether or not your influencer material will reach enough people, because you know that your intended audience will enjoy it.

Original Material

Social media posts by many niche influencers, who are also professional content providers, rarely seem staged. Instead, they focus on producing lifestyle content that will resonate with their audience.

Reasonable Costs

Several factors, including campaign complexity and available marketing channels, impact how much influencers charge for their services. The price of an influencer marketing campaign is typically based on the size and possible reach of the target audience.

As a result, the fees charged by micro-influencers are typically far lower than those charged by star influencers.

How to Locate Influential People on Instagram?

You should now have a better idea of how useful micro-influencers may be for brand promotion. The question then becomes how to locate a suitable brand alliance.
You might choose to put money into any number of influencer marketing services. Most of these programmes are all-inclusive suites that can perform anything from find Instagram influencers to facilitate pitches to handle payments to compile stats.

However, Meta’s built-in features can also be used to accomplish similar tasks. Let’s take a look at the basics of using Instagram and Meta Business Manager to get rolling.

Use Instagram to find micro-influencers

Start by using Instagram’s search function to look for applicable terms. If you’re trying to promote a cosmetics line, you could begin by looking for the term “beauty influencer.” Check out the most prominent search results and click through to read more about each account.

Check the Top Instagram Hashtags

Check the hashtag search results once you’ve browsed the most relevant accounts for your query. You can narrow down your search by using the associated hashtags provided in the Tags section. Take “beauty bloggers” and “beauty hacks” as an example; both might provide plenty of useful information.
The most popular hashtags tend to attract the best content. But don’t overlook hashtags that have less than half a million posts. Some micro-influencers may be lurking beneath these more specific hashtags. If a hashtag looks good, tapping it will bring you the most popular posts on Instagram that relate to that topic, and from there you may follow the same steps to learn more about each influencer.

You can use the Instagram accounts of the people you deem to be most promising to locate more people who might become micro-influencers. To see accounts that are similar to theirs, hit the plus button under their bio, and then tap again to investigate.

It’s simple to think that you have to expand your target audience in order to locate micro-influencers. However, Instagram influencers may already be following your company if you frequently create high-quality material there.

Look at the profiles that comment on your posts or send you direct messages frequently to identify these people. Tap the profile to discover if it has the makings of an influencer.

Planning Ad Campaigns With Instagram Stars

You have begun establishing connections with industry micro-influencers and have a list of prospective applicants. How then do you make connections based on your research? To plan successful micro-influencer marketing initiatives, consider the following.

Prepare a Plan of Action

Micro-influencer collaborations, like any other social media marketing effort, need objectives. The value of a campaign may be properly estimated, and micro-influencer contributions to bigger marketing goals can be planned for, with clear targets in place.

Where to Track the Success of Your Micro-Influencer Alliances

Some micro-influencers may give you data after the campaign is over to help you evaluate its performance. There’s no need to wait for data from brand partners when running Instagram influencer marketing. Use a hybrid of Creator Studio and Google Analytics instead.

Micro-Influencer Analytics: Where to Find Them in Creator Studio

Instagram stats pertinent to your relationship can be viewed in the Monetization section of Creator Studio. To access the Content section, open Meta Brand Collabs Manager.

If you have a linked Facebook page but aren’t seeing any influencer posts there, head over to the Meta Brand Collabs Manager tab for your Instagram account. While Creator Studio may group your Facebook- and Instagram-branded content under the same Monetization tab, you’ll still have access to the same data regardless of where it ends up.


Promoting your business, goods, and services through partnerships with micro-influencers can be beneficial and inexpensive. The aforementioned processes will help you identify the best micro-influencers for your company, form fruitful short- or long-term partnerships with them, and measure the efficacy of your efforts.