Tips for Using Instagram to Expand Your Email Subscriber Base

Tips for Using Instagram to Expand Your Email Subscriber Base

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The vast majority of business people who use Instagram do so as:

A stage upon which to display one’s wares
Channels for reaching your target market and making direct sales
A method of advertising via which you may expand your online group
Instagram might be used to expand a company’s email subscriber base, but many business owners ignore this possibility. Email marketing is the preferred method of client acquisition and retention by over 80% of retail professionals and small-medium business owners.

That’s why it’s important to make the most of the channels you’re already using to expand your email subscriber base. Today I’ll teach you a few easy and successful strategies to use Instagram to attract and retain a dedicated following.

Make an Emailing List and Link It Up

There is no better time than now to make email marketing a central part of your communication and sales strategy.

Instagram popularity is a must for generating a sizable email list of engaged subscribers.

First, you’ll need a system in place to collect email addresses; then, and only then, can you begin to create your list. Start your email marketing campaign with one of these free options.

After you have settled on a tool, you can begin distributing links that bring people to a landing page where they can sign up for your service.

Here are two considerations to keep in mind when you begin compiling your list:

Attendance Counts

Engagement rate is the proportion of subscribers actively using a service. That is, those who really read your emails and take action on the links within them.

You may either send emails to re-activate your inactive subscribers (those who haven’t read your emails in more than 3 months) by dividing them into different groups or just deleting them.

The Use of Automatic Replies

One of the best and cheapest ways to urge your subscribers to take action is to set up an automated sequence of emails for new subscribers. Email marketing allows you to build a relationship with your customers by sending them useful information and, later on, promotional material.

Methods for Expanding Your Email Subscriber Base Using Instagram

Include a Subscription Link in Your Bio

Since Instagram only allows for one link in your bio, it’s crucial that you always use it to advertise the most relevant items and services. Over the week, many companies rotate their links from a basic one to their website to a connection to a current deal or lead magnet.

Provide an incentive for your followers to visit this link so that you can maximise its potential. Instagram bios are often overlooked, yet they play a crucial role in turning viewers into paying customers.

Keep your objectives in mind and plot out your Instagram Bio in advance to ensure its success.

Give Your Audience a Reason to Care

You need to give people a good reason to hand out their email address.

Common forms of motivation include:

Give aways: the vast majority of your target demographic would jump at the chance to try your product at no cost to themselves.
Giving your audience a discount on your product or service is a great way to increase sales and brand exposure while also encouraging them to sign up for your email list.
Promotional freebies: provide your audience a chance to win a useful resource like an ebook, how-to video, or guide
There are various methods to get individuals to join your email list, and you should experiment to discover the one that works best for the product or service you offer.

Use Instagram’s Story Function

If you want to keep in touch with your followers on a daily basis, Instagram Stories is a fantastic tool. When used properly, tales’ interactive nature means a greater conversion rate.

Fifty-four percent of Instagram’s user base has shown interest in seeing more video content in stories. Provide a range of visual content, including both stills and moving clips, to keep readers engaged.

You may include text, build swipe-up connections to your landing page or weekly email, and more. Incentives are a simple way to motivate your audience to take action.

Employ Engaging Language in Your CTAs

The fact that you want your Instagram followers to sign up for your email list may seem like a no-brainer to you, but they may not share your perspective.

In addition to offering them tempting incentives, you should utilise engaging language in your calls to action if you want them to visit your page and subscribe to your email list.

It’s not simple to write compelling copy. But you can construct a swipe file or cheat sheet that you can always go to while crafting material for your CTAs if you use power phrases like free, you, and now.
Instagram users may boost their conversion rate and reach by include power words and phrases in their bios, post descriptions, and calls to action (CTAs).

Promote your business with Instagram Advertising.

When compared to the level of engagement on Instagram, advertising costs are still quite low. When I owned an online business, Instagram was one of the most cost-efficient paid marketing platforms.

Be sure to choose the “business profile” option when setting up your Instagram account so that you may add connections to your other social media profiles and share your content with others.

If you target your audience correctly, a basic ad with a brief CTA that links to your landing page can provide respectable conversion rates.

Ad viewers may have a more satisfying interaction with your business by visiting a landing page you designed specifically for them. If you have a thank you page set up after someone signs up, you can measure how effective it is and make any necessary changes to your ads or website.