7 Strategies To Promote Your Online Course on Social Media

7 Strategies To Promote Your Online Course on Social Media

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Have you ever pondered the reasons behind the relative success of different online courses?

How come some training courses quickly generate a lot of interest and sales while others fizzle out?

The key is in the advertising, of course!

I will demonstrate how simple it is to spread the word about your online training programme.

Here are nine ways to use social media to spread the word about your online course and attract new audience.

The Top 7 Strategies for Marketing Your Online Class

Promoting other course makers through your own social media channels is a great way to get your own work seen.
Who else out there offers great classes that go hand in hand with yours?

An easy but potent query.

Invest an afternoon in exploring the various online learning environments available. Then, reach out to the developers of those courses and see if they are interested in collaborating. Give their programme a shot, and if you like it, suggest it to your readers.

Occasionally bring them up in your tweets, Facebook posts, and YouTube videos to get their undivided attention. Certainly, you will!

If a new, dedicated fan starts singing their praises, even the big dogs will take notice. Because of the awesome simplicity of influencer marketing.

You Should Include Course Designers in Your Lessons

Inviting other course creators to teach a lesson or two on your course is a step up from simple collaboration.

Make sure to include a segment focused solely on their area of expertise. Your class will benefit greatly from this additional information and insight. That other instructor is likely to spread the word about your course on their own social media pages thanks to the lovely principle of reciprocity.

You can provide them with the same service while putting your brand in front of thousands of potential new students.

The term “social media” refers to the fact that the most effective form of advertising is collaborative in nature. That’s why you ought to cooperate with them as much as possible. As a result, your own audience will expand quickly.

Showcase Course Materials to the World

Link out to other quality courses and their Facebook or Instagram pages when you need to recommend good resources or extra detail on various topics for your students. When you’re done, be sure to tell the artist.

You shouldn’t count on people to link to you and share your content every time you do this, but you can expect that people will talk about you on their social media channels and refer students to you in due time.

It’s just human nature to return the favour. In particular, we enjoy making friends with and assisting those who are already providing us with assistance.

Give a unique deal to your social media followers

Get the word out to other course makers that you’re offering a discount to their audience when they sign up for your course. And (most importantly) the creator will make money while helping their audience save money.


Pay them a set amount of money for each person who signs up because they shared information about your course on social media. Money, cold and hard.

Come up with a free introductory course

Create a free 3-, 5-, or 10-part course out of some of your best work. Utilize an excellent autoresponder and opt-in page to collect email addresses from interested parties and send out the newsletter daily.

Share it with all of your social media contacts constantly. Post Planner allows you to set up a series of promotional messages to be sent out at regular intervals, so you can get the word out.
The 30X Facebook Ads System, Number Six

If you know what you’re doing, Facebook ads can be extremely effective.

Armand Morin created the 30X method, and it emphasises individuality.

The idea is to narrow your audience for course promotion down to as few as 30 distinct groups.

To increase your fan base, you should consider the following

Why not throw in a free 30-minute one-on-one online lesson with you if your course is brand new (or expensive)?

I mean, come on, who could say no to that?

Online students will appreciate the extra effort that this demonstrates from their instructors. The value it adds is substantial. This should only be done if doing so is feasible.

Make sure you do the math

You should give away a sample lesson before they sign up.
One effective advertising method is to give away a free lesson to increase your social media followers and, if at all possible, the audiences of other course creators as well.

This class might last for 15 or 30 minutes. Finally, use an assumed close at the end of the session:

Take the time to get to know them and identify all the places they could use assistance in the 15 or 30 minutes allotted. Totally grasp what they’re going through.
Learn everything they’re looking for in one convenient class

Make Class Discussions More Fun

You gotta love those occasional social media challenges, right? Not only to give them a shot, but also to learn from the experiences of others who have dove in headfirst.

Why not include a challenge that your perfect client would enjoy that is related to your offering?

That challenge could last a week, a month, or anything in between. Allow them to post their progress online and call it a day if you must, but make it a challenge.