The Potential of IGTV Videos for Businesses

The Potential of IGTV Videos for Businesses

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One of the most helpful and efficient content formats for social media marketing is video. The rising popularity of simple video creation and sharing platforms like Instagram Stories is just one example.

TikTok and Instagram’s own Reels are just the beginning of the rise of short-form video’s popularity (launched in 2020). Are short-form videos also popular, or is there a preference for longer ones?

Similarly to YouTube, IGTV focuses on longer-form videos. Why, then, do people find IGTV so fascinating? Keep reading for an explanation of what IGTV is, how to create and manage your own channel, and recommendations for making the most of this trending Instagram feature.

Simply put: what is IGTV?

You can use IGTV separately from Instagram, or both at the same time. Instagram has released a new app called Instagram TV, which is similar to YouTube in that it’s optimised for watching long-form videos on mobile devices.

Users can create their own channels and upload videos up to an hour long. The user or brand has the option of creating content that is unique to this channel or tying it in with videos that they have already posted to Instagram.

It’s important to note that the videos on IGTV tend to be much longer than the ones in Stories, lasting anywhere from several minutes to an hour. Only the most well-known and verified users can currently upload videos longer than 60 minutes.

The app’s user-friendly design includes sections labelled “for you,” “following,” and “popular,” among others. Input your search query into the bar, and you’ll get results tailored specifically to your preferences. And as you use it, you’ll be linked up with your preexisting Instagram followers who are also actively using the app.

People’s “TV” experiences now include the option to resume watching a video from where they left off.

In a nutshell, it simulates the action of “flipping channels on a TV” without the annoying commercials or the extensive customization options of YouTube.

Tips for Including IGTV in Your Advertising Efforts

Initiating the Channel Setup Process

After deciding to use IGTV, the next step is to get the app and make sure it is available when you need it. The next step is to go to the channel’s settings by clicking the cog icon (“Settings”). Now is a good time to mention that, like YouTube, IGTV is fully optimised for both desktop and mobile use, so don’t worry if you prefer working or watching on a PC.

Get started with the uploads

After you have prepared the app and your optimised bio, the uploading process can be completed quickly and easily. Keep in mind that unlike Instagram and Instagram Stories, you can’t instantly record video. There are advantages and disadvantages to this method, but in general, it works similarly to YouTube in that you can produce multiple videos and then publish them at your convenience.

Your video gallery is infinite in size, and you can add as many videos as you like. Your Instagram followers will be exposed to these videos regardless of whether or not they have downloaded the IGTV app.

Be sure that your videos are shot in portrait mode with a maximum aspect ratio of 9:16.

Advice and Guidelines for Using IGTV

As with any other social strategy, it’s important to tailor your videos to your target audience. To that end, it’s helpful to have an understanding of your current Instagram activity and how it’s contributing to your goals.

After publishing, your IGTV videos can be shared on other platforms, including your primary Instagram account. Keep in mind that, as with any cross-posting endeavour, you need to make it abundantly clear that you are posting on IGTV and that your followers can find you there. Branding, visuals, and a regular posting schedule should all be kept constant.

It’s recommended that your videos be at least 15 seconds long and no more than 10 minutes in total length. A video of around 3–4 minutes in length is generally effective, but this does depend on the nature of your product and your message. It’s important to be upfront and honest about your intentions from the get-go because your audience likely only has a minute to spare. Alternatively, you could make a video series and divide it up into episodes.

Make sure the music and/or your own volume aren’t too high in the introduction; doing so will likely annoy viewers, especially those who aren’t listening to the video in private or who aren’t wearing headphones. In case someone “stumbles” upon your video when browsing the channels, you should be ready to start playing it immediately.

Just like on YouTube, you should include active links in the video’s description to attract viewers to your landing page or other section of your site.


Simply put, if you know how to use hashtags on Instagram, you already know how to use them on IGTV. Put them in the video’s description strategically, using only a few that are relevant.


You should check your IGTV insights on a regular basis to get a clear picture of how videos are performing and to realign them with your key business goals. If you see fewer users than you’d like, keep in mind that this is still a developing platform.