Influencer Marketing And The Growth Of Instagram Followers

Influencer Marketing And The Growth Of Instagram Followers

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Brands of all stripes, from energy drinks to haute couture, are tapping into the power of social media influencers to increase customer participation. By partnering with a service to increase their number of Instagram followers, businesses are enjoying rapid success.

Now that we have a better understanding of this trend, we can reveal the exact methodology behind the pricing of influencer marketing initiatives.

Increased Instagram Follower Growth Due to Influencers’ Audiences

The number of an influencer’s followers is the single most important determinant of their sponsored post rate. This is their initial allure to marketers and a ballpark estimate of how many people will interact with their article and your goods.

Agencies that work with influencers often use a pricing of $1,000 per 100,000 followers as a ballpark estimate. Please be aware that this is a key principle, and that businesses’ willingness to spend varies greatly by product and by the degree of interaction a profile receives.

Famous people are also capitalising on the influencer market. Instead of using an Instagram growth service to identify influencers, some marketers pay celebrities thousands of dollars for a single post.


It’s inevitable that certain companies will have larger and more varied fan bases than others.

The same research analysed the top 10 Instagram subcultures and the influencers who advertise inside them. The average number of followers for an influencer in the fields of modelling and fitness is 141,563. However, they make an average of $434 for each sponsored article they make.

The areas of fashion, photography, cuisine, design, music, and pets also received considerable attention. Music, sadly, landed at the very bottom of the list. Popular music-related accounts typically have 26,403 followers and generate $201 in advertising revenue for every promoted tweet.

This implies that companies need to do their homework on influencers before agreeing to pay them to promote their products. Anyone with a large following can upload a photo of themselves using a product, but it will be a waste of money if the product doesn’t fit in with the influencer’s brand or the tastes of their audience.

Instagram followers often feel a deep connection to the stars they follow and the people they admire. Inadvertently, we draw more motivation from well-known Internet personas than we do from traditional advertising efforts because of the authentic, behind-the-scenes perspective they provide.

Consequently, marketers of all stripes need to start paying more attention than ever before to Instagram trends and personalities in order to target the right audiences.


Whether you choose a male or female influencer to represent your brand is up to you. The two may seem similar, but the figures may surprise you.

Phrases like “social media influencer” and “Instagram model” tend to imply a female identity. Male influencers tend to charge more per sponsored post than their female counterparts. Possible causes include the dynamic nature of demand in this developing industry.

On average, male influencers price $358 each post, while female influencers charge $218, as reported by

Don’t allow the price of real exposure and Instagram follower development frighten you away from taking advantage of this booming era of digital marketing.