How to Increase Your Social Media Following: What Is a Hashtag and How Does It Work?

How to Increase Your Social Media Following: What Is a Hashtag and How Does It Work?

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Have you ever noticed the hash, number, or pound symbol preceding a word when surfing the web? Perhaps you heard the word “hashtag” in a real-life humorous narrative and wondered whether this was anything recent. Although these symbols are currently fashionable in the realm of content production, they are not merely an odd variant of 21st-century punctuation; rather, they serve a useful and important function.

Exactly what is a hashtag?

Putting a hashtag (#) in front of a word in a social media post makes that post searchable on that platform. Because of this, authors may organise their work into relevant categories that can then be quickly accessed by readers. It’s a way of self-selecting relevant content from what may otherwise be an overwhelming sea of posts on social media. Participating in real-time conversations and discovering new accounts posting about your interests are two of the best uses of the hashtag on Twitter and Instagram, respectively.

The proper hashtag usage.

If you’re interested in video marketing and want to learn more, you may search the hashtag #videomarketing to find new businesses and people to follow and engage with audiance. Given that we specialise in the field of video marketing here at Promo, it only makes sense that we would employ the hashtag #videomarketing when sharing promotional videos on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

When tweeting about an event, you may use the event’s specific hashtag to be found by others. If you’re participating in a conversation around, say, the summer Olympics, you’ll want to make sure your post gets indexed under the populated hashtag #Olympics2018. Even though it makes perfect sense to you to use certain wording, hashtags are specific, and if you’re not using the dedicated and relevant one already out there, you won’t land on the bustling chatter. This is especially true in the case of events, where you’ll need to do a quick search not to use the wrong hashtag such as #2018Olympics.

When to utilise it.

In a nutshell, the answer is “always.” Particularly on Twitter, where viewers are more likely to begin their journey by searching for pertinent hashtags rather than scrolling through their feeds of friends’ tweets.

The key is to incorporate them naturally into your writing rather of forcing them into places where they don’t belong. Using a hashtag inappropriately might backfire and reduce your online visibility. Be honest about the value you’re offering in your content, as you should in other aspects of your business.

Try out a variety of keywords associated with your business and see which social media platforms get the best results. Then, strategically insert them into your writing. Every day, visit the trending tab to get ideas for entertaining articles you might make in light of the day’s events.

Our team does monthly hashtag research to foresee a number of reliable trends, and we’ve packed the Promo Plan with content and video examples that are sure to go viral.Make a hash tag.

In order to keep track of all the mentions of your firm as it expands, you may develop a customers hashtag using the name of your organisation. We advocate launching a variety of campaigns aimed at getting your users to share content on social media using your hashtag so that new customers may experience what your current customers already know and love about you. Use your hashtag in your own postings, send out an email encouraging recipients to perform a certain action while also using #ABCD so that you and your staff can easily like and comment on their work, or go a step further and offer a small incentive to the users whose posts you like the most. This creates a domino effect of publicity that would be impossible to achieve in any other manner. Create a video outlining your request and sharing it on social media to generate even more buzz around your hashtag. Before launching a video advertising campaign, familiarise yourself with the ins and outs of the medium and make sure your videos have the appropriate aspect ratio for each platform.