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How To Increase Your Instagram Followers Naturally With These Tips

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Instagram’s regular algorithm changes have made organic growth challenging for advertisers. Brands and content providers often see dwindling audience engagement and seem to lack a plan to attract new viewers. read more

8 Exciting TikTok Trends For Your Brand (2023)

Category : Social Media

This is a report on the top 10 trends expected to impact TikTok advertising in the year 2023. Recent developments in TikTok content and marketing strategies around the world, with an eye on 2023.

Presented by eDigital’s Senior TikTok Marketing Expert, Mau. read more

6 Brands That Will Fuel Your Marketing Strategy On TikTok

Category : Social Media

TikTok is the incubator for today’s most pervasive trends, and as such, it serves as a de facto currency on the internet. It’s likely that if you’ve seen, heard, or laughed at it elsewhere on social media, it was first shared on TikTok. read more

TikTok Hashtags: How to Use Them to Grow Your Brand Reach

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In social media, hashtags are a terrific method to increase the number of people who see the content you share.

With more than a billion subscribers as of 2022, TikTok is one of the social media networks with the quickest growth. read more

7 Strategies To Promote Your Online Course on Social Media

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Have you ever pondered the reasons behind the relative success of different online courses?

How come some training courses quickly generate a lot of interest and sales while others fizzle out?

The key is in the advertising, of course! read more

Everything You Need To Know About Social Media Audit

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Despite the fact that measuring the return on investment from social media is a common gripe among marketers, few make use of social media audits to gauge internal progress.

And just what exactly is a social media audit?

This is a survey of your company’s social media presence and activity with an eye towards improvement. With everything in one place, you can evaluate and fine-tune your social media strategy for maximum return on investment. read more

TikTok Influencer Marketing: An Ultimate Guide

Category : Social Media

TikTok has achieved unprecedented levels of popularity.

During the global lockdown, TikTok became a popular platform for people to exchange and watch entertaining short videos, and it will still be the best-performing app in 2022. read more

5 Amazing Tips For Creating Social Media Videos

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Currently, 86% of internet advertisers use social media videos in their campaigns. One positive effect of this tendency is that customers learn more about the brand and its offerings. On the flip side, it aids companies in expanding their social media presence, expanding their fan base, and boosting their revenue. read more

How To Drive Sales Through Social Media

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The advice of all modern marketing manuals is the same: put your energy into social media.

More over three-quarters (73%) of American people have logged onto YouTube, and nearly two-thirds (68%), to their Facebook accounts. Roughly three-quarters of people registered on Facebook log in at least once per day. Among young adults (18–24), 78% regularly use Snapchat. read more