Best TikTok Analytics Tools For 2023

Best TikTok Analytics Tools For 2023

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Marketers should review key TikTok metrics before getting started.

In order to take your TikTok marketing to the next level in the year 2023, we will now examine the best TikTok analytics tools available.

Leading free analytics platform for TikTok

Analysis Using TikTok

You can’t begin this rundown with anything other than TikTok’s analytics platform. You’ll find this app feature in the “Creator tools” section of your profile. Although TikTok’s analytics tool leaves much to be desired, it is a no-strings-attached option to more expensive programmes.

Basic characteristics

Analytical Snapshot: Track your account’s popularity over time by monitoring the number of new followers, profile views, and video plays over a period of up to 60 days.
How long people watch a video for on average, what percentage of people actually watch the whole thing, and what channels people are coming from are just some of the metrics you can use to gauge a video’s success.
Learn more about your audience by reading about their demographics, the times of day they are most active, and how your follower count has changed over time.
Analytics tool for TikTok that ranks highest in all categories

Competing Intelligence

When it comes to social media analytics, Rival IQ has everything a marketing agency or brand could want. Of course, we’re going to be a little bit partial, but we like to think that we do a decent job.

Tik Tok is just one of the social media platforms whose analytics are available through Rival IQ; others include Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. If you want a simple way to keep tabs on all your social media profiles, this analytics app may be what you’re looking for. Working with our hands-on team could be a big help if you need additional assistance with your social media analytics and Rival IQ is known for its top-tier customer service.
Basic characteristics

Reporting on a variety of TikTok metrics, including hashtag usage, keyword searches, and the best days and times to post.
Landscapes can be tailored to your specific needs, allowing you to keep tabs on the KPIs most important to your business and those of your rivals on TikTok.
Analysis of TikTok’s Competitors’ Performance — See how your TikTok activity stacks up against the competition with free head-to-head reports. By analysing the strategies of your competitors, you can learn how they are communicating with their target audience and get ideas for new approaches, such as the types of content and hashtags that are performing well.
By conducting an audit of your social media accounts, you can get valuable insight into the areas of your TikTok strategy that could use some work.
Best TikTok business analytics tools


Pentos is a cheaper alternative to other tools for simple TikTok analytics. In 2020, as TikTok gained popularity, the platform was developed to assist content creators in monitoring relevant KPIs for themselves and their competitors. Your plan determines how many TikTok users, hashtags, and sounds you can monitor, as well as whether or not you can connect to Data Studio and receive personalised support from the Pentos team.

Basic characteristics

Comparison of your TikTok account’s performance to that of your rivals’ is possible with the help of a fully customizable analytics dashboard.
Observe the success of your posts in real time by viewing how your TikTok videos fare in terms of views, likes, and comments.
Track popular audio clips on TikTok, such as songs or sound effects, and check in on how often they’re being played and shared.
Keeping tabs on trending hashtags on TikTok can help you figure out what works and what doesn’t. is an artificial intelligence (AI) fueled analytics tool for Instagram and TikTok that is used in over 57 countries. There are a few free tools available on the site that anyone can use to compile analytics reports on public TikTok profiles, hashtags, followers, and recent posts. TikTok’s Plus and Pro subscriptions provide access to more advanced analytics features.

Basic characteristics

Metrics analysis — Learn everything there is to know about how your TikTok videos are performing, including the number of engagements they have received, where they have been viewed, how many people have seen them, when they were viewed, what day of the week they were viewed on, and the demographics of your audience.
Reporting on campaigns: Export individualised reports to update your audience on the success of your hashtag and content initiatives.
Discover which TikTok stars are the most popular for any given hashtag or topic with our handy-dandy influencer map!


iconosquare has just released a new custom dashboard feature for TikTok and LinkedIn, making it simpler for users to monitor all of their social media accounts in one place and zero in on the data that’s most important to them. You can choose from three different pricing tiers on the platform depending on the size of your business or marketing team.

Basic characteristics

Learn what works best with your audience by analysing engagement data from over a hundred different metrics.
You can alter your dashboard’s presentation to focus on the metrics and time period of your choosing and then save the results as either a graphical report or raw data.

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Quintly is used by companies like Monster Energy and Whispr Group because it offers analytics for the popular social media platforms. satisfies all of the requirements for critical TikTok analytics and is a viable choice for social media managers and marketing agencies that need to monitor multiple accounts in one place.

Basic characteristics

Reporting metrics will help you learn more about your followers by revealing information about how many people have viewed, liked, commented on, and shared your posts. Get ready-made reports that you can tweak to include the metrics and time periods that are most relevant to you.
Method for displaying data — View graphs and charts detailing the most recent trends, post engagement, and more.