5 Key Elements For Building Social Media Marketing Strategy

5 Key Elements For Building Social Media Marketing Strategy

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As a result, companies can no longer afford to treat social media as an afterthought. Neil Schaffer claims that a stunning 93% of global marketers are utilising social media for company administration.

When developing your omnichannel strategy, social media marketing should be a central focus. In today’s omnichannel world, customers rarely engage with a brand on a single platform. If they have a query or want to get in touch with you, they will first visit your website, sign up for an email list, and then go to your community business page on Facebook. I suggest you take advantage of this chance to increase interaction and encourage your leads to take action and buy from you.

To rephrase, how can you develop a social media marketing plan that will bring in customers and boost sales?

You’ll be well on your way to achieving your goals and contributing to the growth of your organisation if you take the time to determine the primary social media techniques that work for you and then put them into action.
To help you develop a successful social media marketing plan, this article will walk you through the five stages you need to take:

Establish Your Objectives

Establishing why you’re on social media as a company will help you decide what kinds of content will generate the most interest from your target audience.

For instance, your focus should be on raising brand recognition if you’re aiming for top-of-the-funnel (TOFU) leads. These prospects aren’t familiar with your company yet, so getting their attention is the first step in bringing them farther into the sales funnel.

Increasing website visitors and sales is another possible outcome. In this instance, you should consider furnishing all the assets needed to seize these leads and direct them to your website for further engagement. To that end, a secondary objective could be to locate prospects who are both early and late in the sales process (MOFU).

Find Who You’re Talking To

Your ability to pick which channels to pursue and what kind of content to produce will be greatly facilitated by a clear understanding of your intended audience. Yet the challenge is, how can you zero in on your ideal clientele? Buyer personas are necessary, as they provide an idealised depiction of your target audience.

These characters’ defining characteristics are the following:

  • Location (country, city, state, region, etc.) is a geographical characteristic.
  • Information about a group based on objective criteria such as age, gender, marital status, income, etc.
  • Problems: issues that customers are having or objects they have.
  • What customers are trying to accomplish and why they use social media platforms.
  • Your analytics on various channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Analytics, and any other social media tools you may be utilising, should be monitored in order to collect data on the aforementioned elements.

Investigate what others in your industry are up to

By keeping tabs on what your rivals are up to across all social media platforms, you can figure out if you should stick with your current strategy or make some adjustments. The point of this research is not to steal or copy their ideas, but rather to learn what approaches work best for your company and to figure out where you can improve and where you need to stand out. For example, you may see how your brand stacks up against up to eight other brands in terms of total and new followers by using LinkedIn’s data.
Therefore, a best practise is to actively investigate what your rivals are up to across all platforms.

Put together a plan for your content

On social media, users aren’t limited to seeing a specific kind of material or post structure. You can write numerous posts to keep your clients interested. These updates can be anything from a link to your article to images of your business or team outings to polls to quotations to jokes to fill-in-the-blank exercises to animated GIFs demonstrating how to use a specific feature of your product to, well, anything.

Variety is what keeps people coming back, so it’s a good idea to post in a few formats. In addition, businesses have begun to employ the reel function on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, which has contributed to a surge in the popularity of these platforms in 2022. Because of their popularity and effectiveness, videos are worth emphasising.

Distribute the Necessary Funding

If you choose to use sponsored advertisements, setting aside a financial sum is essential. Although expensive, paid advertising offers a high potential return on investment if you understand the fundamentals and best practises involved. This is something that all businesses, no matter how big or little, should accomplish after determining their objectives and plan of action.
Not to mention the paid advertising channels you’d want to utilise, the desired volume of impressions, the projected number of daily conversions, the ad’s duration, etc.

There is still a chance that a tiny firm can afford advertising, but it will need to test the waters with a minimal outlay of funds first. The next time around, you can increase it if it is successful. If it isn’t, then you may need to try experimenting with different aspects of your advertisement, switching to a different distribution method, or starting over with a brand new campaign altogether.


The key to success is having a well-thought-out strategy to implement once you’ve set your sights on a specific outcome. Although while each company’s social media strategy and goals will be unique, the five main principles outlined above can help you get closer to your objectives.

Outlining your objectives, identifying the key metrics for each objective, researching and creating customer personas to better understand your audience, monitoring competitor activity across channels to learn how to outdo them, publishing a variety of social media content, and setting aside sufficient funds are all essential steps.